Boubekeur LALMI


BOUBEKEUR LALMI Docteur en Science des MatréiauxBoubekeur LALMI

PhD in  Physics

Speciality: Materials Science





Research Interests

  •  Growth of Materials  and Thin Layers : Structure-propertyprocessing, Deposition of thin films for applications in microelectronics,  Phase transformations, Reactivity,  Transport of material in solide state (diffusion, segregation).
  • Growth of Nano-objects and Two-dimensional Materials : Growth, study of structural and electronic properties of Epitaxial graphene on Silicon Carbide substrates (SiC)Silicene and Silicides on metal substrates.
  • Nanoscale characterization of Materials  : Characterization  of  nanoscale material propreties using :  local probes; scanning tunnelling and atomic force microscopy (STM / AFM), electronic and atomic diffraction techniques (LEED, RHEED, GIFAD), Spectroscopic tools (STS, AES, XPS), and Synchrotron Radiation (PES, ARPES, EXAFS).

Keywords : 2D-Materials ”graphene, Silicene, Silicide”, Thin Film Growth and Nanotechnology , Reactivity, Diffusion, Segregation, Physics of Surfaces, Clean Room, UHV, Scanning Tunnelling and Atomic Force Microscopy (STM / AFM), electronic and atomic diffraction (LEED, RHEED, GIFAD) spectroscopy (STS, AES, XPS), Synchrotron Radiation (PES, ARPES, EXAFS).

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